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“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks,

breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun”

For us, creativity means thinking about the lives of our audience and how to connect with them. At LC Premiums, we take immense pride in enhancing and growing our clients’ success by working with them to create exceptional promotional and retail materials to amplify their companies and brands. In addition to working on specific projects, we also specialize and help with Brand development and Launches. By listening to our clients and understanding their needs and wants in depth, we have many times developed the framework and visuals for new brands.


Working with a wide array of industries, such as Fashion, Finance, Auto, Wine and Spirits, Non-Profit and Broadway to name a few, we take each of our clients’ asks into account when producing products for them. These can range from basic and more traditional items like Apparel, Glassware and Tote Bags to custom items such as Display Pieces, Nightclub Glorifiers, and Plush Items. When clients come to us requesting something that is truly unique, we design, create and produce it for them from scratch, making the items truly special! We have made it all, welcome all challenges, and have decades of experience working alongside every step of the Supply Chain and Process.

The most common question we are asked is, "Do you have a catalog?" Frankly, we just do too much!!

Please click on the images below to see a wide selection of what we have made and how we can help you!

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