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Polished or matte, an array of barware, drinkware, giftware, personal items and jewelry to custom molded snow globe bases and bistro/display tables.
Get a handle on economical totes, cosmetic bags, backpacks and upscale slings to luxurious leather messenger bags, tablet holders and golf accessories. 



What we make

Really....almost everything! Our very first product in 1993, was a desk calendar for a local hair salon. We searched the USA vendor database, combing thru hundreds of catalogs to find that exact calendar (they would have no other!). Next was a pen for the local copy center. Twenty four years later, we have more than 5000 products stocked here in the USA and relationships with almost 200 factories in Asia spanning the categories that you see below. Depending upon your timeline and budget, we can place your brand's artwork on existing products, alter existing products by changing their shape and color, or design and produce brand new designs that will wow you and your consumer. We love the challenge!



Party up with square, round, large and small cups. Even piggy banks, figurines and party buckets are in the act set upon mosaic stone tables.


Showcase unexpected hand-pieced mosaic tables, jumbo coolers and pool tables to chaise lounges, patio umbrellas and LED lights.


Design an endless selection of shakers, ice buckets and bar tools to serving trays and carafes in every imaginable or unpredictable material. 


Clear or colored, mouth blown or pressed, create amazing tumblers, stemware and pitchers to ice buckets, vases, ornaments, and coasters.


Paper has never been so versatile. Exotic lamps, full color gift bags and playing cards to custom printed straws, coasters and fans.

Possibilities for new molds are limitless. Flight trays, ornaments, cutting boards and gift boxes to bottle holders, coin banks and bottle stoppers..


Duplicate your lucky team mascot or brand ambassador in the softest of silk or craziest yarns with textiles printed, woven or into a work of art.


Resin brings the tiniest details to life. These amazing sculptures speak volumes thru ornaments, snow globes, figurines and collectibles.


Sure there are always t-shirts, but we love custom cotton button shirts, caps, pashminas and ties to fleece and nylon jackets, scarves and even socks!


Carve the unexpected with antiqued trays, mantel clocks, ice buckets and carafes or brand skateboards, storage cabinets, golf tees and drum sticks.

  2022 LC Premiums, Ltd.  4301 22nd Street  Long Island City, NY 11101   tel: 347-808-8444

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