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"Necessity is the mother of Invention"


"Thirty years after opening our doors, I have    consistently maintained the same philosophy in our house.  We pride ourselves on the most responsive customer service in our industry. Listening, honesty, communication, and a SENSE OF HUMOR has built LCP to where we are. We embrace all the traits that  seem to have disappeared in today’s business. With our capabilities ranging from the smallest to largest items  and projects,  we have helped design,

source and execute programs to our clients'         exacting specifications. 

     You name or think of it, we've made it.

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Linda Carlish (The LC of LC Premiums), founded

LC Premiums over 30 years ago as a temporary

job while looking for “real” work. Launched in a

tiny, basement apartment and armed with a

membership card to every international library in

New York City, she forged ahead with one part

time employee, a computer and fax machine. Yes,

it was the life of an entrepreneur! With sheer

determination, and the mindset that this would

now be her future, Linda built a factory base around

the world in order to achieve her prospective clients

needs as seamlessly as possible. From these humbling

beginnings, she has grown the company to what it

is today – the most relationship based, creative, and

intimate boutique merchandise house in the industry.

30 years and counting, LC Premiums continues to

work with many of those original factories and vendors,

as the relationships she started have stood the test of time.

With Reader’s Digest as the company's first major client, she caught the attention of other publishing houses Simon & Schuster and Scholastic. In just a short period of time, the industry list expanded to include new clients:  Moet Hennessy, Target, Citibank, Calvin Klein, Ferrari, Liz Claiborne, Direct Travel, Patron Tequila, The James Beard Foundation and many more…


Armed with an obsessive energy force, Linda also worked with a small factory in China to start a second division to LC Premiums to develop and own the patent for The POP ART Toaster. Featured on QVC and the Home Shopping Network, Disney came calling bringing more attention to the company's capabilities.  Read about it here.


Today, and still with the same owner at the helm on a daily basis, LC Premiums, LTD., continues to create, source and produce inventive products for promotional and retail programs.  The design vision of LCP's creative and innovative team partnered with the factory’s technical abilities gives birth to new, fresh products, in line with your brand image via molding products from scratch or utilizing existing products in their simplest form and adding a visual twist.


                            What do you have to lose, give us a call and let us show you everything that LC Premiums can do! :-)




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Siobhan Flaherty Haber

james beard foundation

We have had the pleasure to work with Linda and the team at LC Premiums Ltd. for over 6 years and fully recommend! Not only do they provide a diverse selection of high quality products but their customer service consistently stands out amongst the rest. From their rapid communication, to attention to detail on design, we always trust them to deliver orders on time and within budget.

Gina Sarno

madison square garden entertainment

Linda and her team are amazing and always wonderful to work with. The customized products they offer are above and beyond and are always a big hit for our events! They are definitely our go-to vendor!

mitch green

Kobrand Corporation

I have worked with Linda and LC Premiums for over 10 years. They go above and beyond to make sure my projects are a success, incredible customer service, quality, and honesty. Working with them is not a typical relationship with a vendor, but that of a true partnership. Webster's Dictionary defines "Extraordinary" as going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary. What it should say is Linda Carlish and LC Premiums. Nothing else - believe it!
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